The more Fun and Exciting with Stickers Animation ‘Language Gaul’ WeChat

JAKARTA - WeChat , the leading social messaging applications , continues to provide new things for its users to communicate . One of them by launching a collection of animated sticker ’ Language Gaul ’ is cool and funny .

Slang terms like ’ Keles ’ , ’ Crisp ’ , and ’ Mager ’ certainly is not sound familiar in everyday conversation . Besides being used in everyday communication , the slang is always used while chatting with our close friends .

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Well , now WeChat users can add a sticker collection sticker with the latest animation ’ Language Gaul ’ . There are 16 stickers animation ’ Language Gaul ’ which can be downloaded for free by users of Blackberry , iOS and Android in store sticker ( sticker Gallary ) .

Here’s how to download animated sticker ’ Language Gaul ’ for user -based device Blackberry , iOS and Android :

1 . Users iOS : Click the ” Me ” and click ” Sticker Gallery “
Android users : click Menu ” Discovery ” and click ” Sticker Galllary “
Blackberry Users : Click on ” settings ” and click Free Sticker “

2 . Click the ” Free ” to download Language stickers Gaul


Gold Prices Held at Rp538 thousand Antam

The price of gold is sold by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk ( Antam ) to be retained after the beginning of last week were able to strengthen. In today’s trading , gold production is sold to SOE Rp538.000 per gram .

Logammulia launch site , Tuesday ( 15/04/2013 ) , the repurchase price ( buy-back) gold production of state -owned enterprises is pegged at the price of Rp478.000 per gram .

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As for the 2 gram gold priced Rp1.036.000 or Rp518.000 per gram . Size of 2.5 grams of gold sold Rp1.285.000 per bar , with the price per gram Rp514.000 . 3 grams of gold valued Rp1.536.000 per bar , with the price per gram Rp512.000 .

Gold size 4 grams per bar Rp2.036.000 sold , the price per gram Rp509.000 . Gold priced Rp2.545.000 5 grams per bar or Rp509.000 per gram . 10 grams of gold sold Rp5.040.000 million per bar or Rp504.000 per gram .

25 grams of gold sold Rp12.525.000 or Rp501 per gram . 50 grams of gold per bar sold 25,000,000 or Rp 500,000 per gram . While gold is priced Rp49.950.000 size of 100 grams per bar or Rp499.500 per gram .

As for the size of 250 grams of gold , priced in the price Rp124.750.000 or Rp499.000 per gram . Rp249.300.000 500 grams of gold per bar or Rp498.600 per gram .


Three Reasons Islamic political parties ‘Shame’ stretcher Individual Candidates

Political observers of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah said Pangi Syarwi Chaniago , Islamic political parties should not lose confidence . The coalition of Islamic political parties are required not shy determine its own presidential candidate .

He explains , a coalition of Islamic political parties themselves could be a potentially winning cars presidential elections on July 9, 2014.

"If PKB , PAN , PPP , PKS , the United Nations made ​​a united coalition of Islamic political party with its own rail cars to promote their own candidate , it is not likely to win the presidential election , " said Pangi told AFP on Saturday ( 12/4 ) .

According to him , the presidential election this time could be a momentum for Islamic parties . They were asked to come together and to ensure re -minded Islamist party emerged as the dominant force that can not be underestimated .

Islamic political attitudes are still hesitant and embarrassed to carry the candidate himself , said Pangi , due to three things . First , Islamic parties are not confident because they do not have a figure that can be sold to the public . Second , the Islamic political parties are afraid of losing seats in the cabinet if the candidate turns out that carried less .

" Third , a reason to be realistic . Finally they chose the three major political parties in coalition with the winner of the election , " said Pangi .

Supposedly , he continued, the leaders of Islamic political parties do not need to do an assessment with the chairman of the party’s top ranking of the vote . Islamic parties united enough to signal the coalition will bring their own . If the vote coalition of Islamic parties reaches 20 percent , they should ask their own candidate .

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" It’s time to be a determinant of political parties and the winner of the presidential election this time . Again If not now when , if not Islamic parties who else , " said Pangi .


AMD Releases New Processor Platform AM1

Giant processor manufacturers , AMD , today announced the availability of a new platform AM1 globally . AM1 APU platform has a dual - core and quad - core processors code-named ” Kabini ” .

AM1 APU Platform with AMD Athlon and AMD Sempron will use the architecture of the Graphics Core Next ( GCN ) and the CPU cores ’ Jaguar ’ to the motherboard of a variety of hardware manufacturers . AMD Athlon 5150/5350 and AMD Sempron 2650/3850 offers the best computing for users with a platform that can be upgraded .

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AMD Athlon and AMD Sempron present quad-core APU solution for users with two SATA 6Gbps ports , two USB 3.0 ports , eight USB 2.0 ports , PCIe 2.0 lanes for graphics cards , and three video outputs ( DisplayPort , HDMI , and VGA ) .

AMD platform is claimed to provide performance computing AM1 3-fold better than its competitors . This technology is also supported by DirectX 11.2 and Windows 8.1 OS .
" The new platform Sempron and Athlon provide price and outstanding performance with low power consumption that were previously not available in the market . We are pleased to see many mainboard manufacturers are ready to support the socket comprising FS1b microATX board and MiniITX to build an efficient system of PCs , " said Patrick Choy , Director of CPU Product Management , Newegg .

As is known , the Jaguar is a CPU technology found on gaming consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One . For the price varies , reportedly AMD ‘s latest APU sell at a price below $ 40 .


Want to Stop Selling Mobile BlackBerry?

BlackBerry continuous losses . In the three months that lasted until March 1 , the company reported a loss of 423 million U.S. dollars . Previous quarter , a loss rate of 4.4 billion U.S. dollars .

If losses continue to occur , BlackBerry CEO John Chen said it plans to stop producing smartphones . ” If I can not make money from the business , I would not jump in the handset business , ” Chen said in an interview quoted by Reuters on Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) .

Chen continued that the decision to do so can be made in a relatively short time . He did not elaborate on the plan , but said that the BlackBerry should be profitable , enough to ship 10 million devices per year .

At their peak in fiscal year 2011, shipped 52.3 million BlackBerry devices .

Chen, who began leading the BlackBerry in November last year said it was interested in investing or working with other companies in industries such as healthcare , finance , and law that require a high level of security .

" We are building a team that focuses on security services . Hardware We built a team focused on security . We will do the same job and possibly mergers and acquisitions to improve security , " said Chen, who want to focus the company to the corporate powers that be traditional since the first .

Since spying made ​​public by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden , said Chen , the information security issues under scrutiny from business and government .

Chen acknowledged the strategic error committed by the previous executive . He said it was preparing long-term plans and short-term for the BlackBerry .

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" You have to live within a short - period of time . Management is first assumed that the whole world will come to them . I do not have that luxury. I was constantly losing money , " said Chen .


Preparing Smartfren Unveils New 3 Series Andromax

Telecom PT.Smartfren the more serious business in Indonesia with CDMA smartphone flagship product , Smartfren Andromax . This is evidenced by the company’s plans to launch three new series of products , the series C , G , and Series I , in the near future .

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Roberto Saputra , Head of Brand & Corporate Marketing Communication Smartfren said , the three new series this has advantages and advantages of each .

Call it , series C , it can be said the smartphone handset million people . ” Why is that , because in addition to the cheap price , also have advanced technological specifications and the design is very elegant , so it looks fancy , ” said Roberto when talking in the editorial office , Kebun Sirih , Jakarta , Thursday ( 27/3 / 2014 ) .

Furthermore , the G series , this smartphone has the advantage of targeting young children , as in the design of today’s young style , with a 4.5 -inch screen . And last , series I , in a design with a large processor and memory capacities of 1GB . ” This series is perfect for young people who love to play games , ” he said .

Of course , said Roberto , compared to the other local products , three series of smartphones Smartfren Andromax this is the best in Indonesia .

Meanwhile , how their money should be spent buyers to get three units of this Smartfren Andormax smartphone ? In detail the new company will be released when the launch price in April.

" But generally the price is priced average rat is under 3 million dollars . In fact , one of this series , under 1 million dollars , "said Roberto .

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Regarding specs , no doubt , every smartphone output Smartfren , certainly has better specifications and adjust to current technological developments . And certainly all these releases that will use the Android operating system 4.3 Jelly Bean .

source:http://www. okezone .com/

Kura-kura Indian Star dipulangkan

19 Kura-kura Indian Star disita di bandara terbesar di Indonesia , Soekarno Hatta Jakarta , telah kembali ke India , negara asal mereka .

Ini adalah kesempatan pertama kura-kura disita di Indonesia telah kembali ke India .

" Meskipun jumlah kura-kura mewakili sebagian kecil dari mereka yang diperdagangkan , pemulangan mereka adalah simbol dari komitmen , dedikasi tumbuh dan kerjasama antara aparat penegak di Asia untuk mengatasi meningkatnya kejahatan terhadap satwa liar di kawasan itu , " kata Chris R. Shepherd , Deputi Regional Direktur TRAFFIC Asia Tenggara .

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Hewan-hewan adalah bagian dari kejang yang dibuat oleh Bea Cukai di Jakarta pada 7 November 2011 setelah seorang wanita Indonesia dihentikan kembali ke Indonesia dari Bangkok , Thailand , dengan kura-kura dan berbagai ular , tapi tanpa ijin yang diperlukan .

Meskipun kargo nya termasuk 47 Indian Star Tortoises , 27 dari mereka sudah mati atau meninggal tak lama setelah ia dihentikan . Sebuah kura-kura lanjut meninggal di stasiun karantina menunggu pemulangan .

Perawatan dan pengembalian kura-kura yang dikoordinasikan di Indonesia oleh Bea Cukai , Karantina dan Direktorat Jenderal Perlindungan Hutan dan Konservasi Alam .

Kura-kura telah dikirim ke Arignar Anna Zoological Park ( AAZP ) , Chennai , dari mana ia diantisipasi mereka akan segera dilepaskan ke alam liar .

India elegans bintang Tortoises Geochelone adalah tanaman asli India , Pakistan dan Sri Lanka , dan dilindungi oleh hukum di ketiga negara serta dilindungi melalui Konvensi Perdagangan Internasional Spesies Terancam Punah Fauna dan Flora Liar ( CITES ) .

Kura-kura Indian Star sangat populer sebagai hewan peliharaan di Jakarta dan bagian lain di Asia Tenggara , dan perdagangan ilegal untuk memenuhi permintaan ini dianggap sebagai salah satu ancaman terbesar bagi kelangsungan hidup mereka .

" Pihak berwenang di Asia Tenggara harus menunjukkan kepada penyelundup , pedagang dan pembeli bahwa perdagangan ilegal di Indian Star Tortoises dan reptil lainnya tidak akan ditoleransi , " kata Shepherd . (see also: obat burung)

" Pedagang secara ilegal menjual reptil dan hewan lainnya harus meletakkan keluar dari bisnis dan di balik jeruji besi . "

source:http://www. traffic .org/

Kian Oto Island Lure Travelers

Oto Island attractions in Central Halmahera ( Halteng ) , North Maluku ( Maluku) increasingly attract tourists . It was marked by the increasing number of travelers from home and abroad who visit the island . (see also: pakan burung)

Chairman of the Parliament Halteng Abdurrahim Ode Yani said in Ternate , Monday , Oto Island attractions travelers increasingly popular because it has a very beautiful panorama , especially the stretch of white sand beaches that surround the island.

In addition , the waters around the island Oto has underwater panorama is very beautiful and no less than the beauty of the underwater panorama of Raja Ampat , West Papua , which is known in the world .

In fact , a special kind of diversity of fish in the waters of the Oto Island , according to Ode Abdurrahim Yaniv , is superior when compared with in the waters of Raja Ampat as the corresponding results of the survey in the waters of Oto Island there are over 300 species of fish in the waters of Raja Ampat while only about 290 types .

In District Halteng also many other interesting attractions , such as Jala - Jala Island , Angel Falls and Goa as well as the world’s longest national park inhabited Ake Tajawa Lolobata variety of flora and fauna typical of Halmahera .

He said the local government and parliament Halteng continually strive to develop the attractions , including by continuing to build tourism infrastructure in order to provide comfort to the tourists who visit .

Moreover, it also continues to promote the attractions of which by way of the potential spread browsur Halteng through various attractions including tourism entrepreneurs by utilizing various tourist exhibition in Indonesia . (see also: jual pakan burung)

He expects investors , both from within and outside the country to invest in the development of attractions in Halteng , because the local district government has limited funds to develop it themselves .

Source:http://www. republika