Price war in Indonesia Cellular Show 2014

Price war in Indonesia Cellular Show 2014

Mat Indonesia Cellular Show 2014, today entered the final day of the exhibition. Since in the title on Wednesday, June 4, 2014, the exhibitor competing to provide low prices or bombastic promos to attract the visitors.

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Hippo power bank for example, from the first day until the last day of June 8, 2014, giving the special price of Rp 50,000 from the normal price of Rp. 489,000 for the first 50 visitors.

Not only Hippo Power Bank that provides special rates, offers limited Smartfren Offer is swapping old phones with Andromax, which will get a rebate of up to 400 thousand Euro, then from there Erafone booth cashback deals ranging from 200 thousand rupiah, in booth Trio No Up to 90 percent clearance of the products of Samsung, Nokia and others.

For customers of Telkomsel users can get stuffed LINE LINE emoticons free, way is by buying a sticker on LINE emoticons, receive SMS notification when the transaction is successful, will automatically get stuffed emoticons directly LINE.

Meet Hugo Barra, Vice President of Global Xiaomi
Not only promos and boombastis prices offered during the exhibition, held at the Lower Lobby JCC, The 11th Indonesia Cellular Show 2014, the arrival of a special guest, namely Hugo Barra, who is Vice President of Global Xiaomi, coming this time presented the strategy for the business that is run by Xioami. There are three main focus has been continuously conducted by Xioami, namely the development of software, hardware, and Internet services.

In the field of software, has Xioami develop MIUI V5 interface, there are already 50 million users who use MIUI V5 and has been translated into 28 languages. In China alone, users have reached more than 16 million.

In addition to the smartphone, Xiaomi also produce tablets, POWERBANK, headset, and the device to activate quickly (shortcut) cameras in smartphones, smart televisions, set-top boxes, WiFi roquter, mini portable WiFi. The price offered Xiaomi will be offered at an affordable price and not much different from the price offered in the country of origin is China.

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Dwi Putri Winahyu as Manager of IT Division, Dyandra Promosindo said the attraction of such a promo, entertainment, door prizes and workshops held by the sponsor, at least ahead of the weekend could be a magnet for visitors ICS 2014.


Supporters of Golkar cadres rotation Jokowi-JK, Bakrie Considered Authoritarian

Golkar Party senior politician , Zainal Bintang, condemned rotation performed Chairman of Golkar Party Bakrie ( ARB ) to a number of Golkar cadres supporting partner - Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla in the upcoming presidential election . According to him , it is action Bakrie attitude authoritarian and divisive internal to the party .

" Measures coriander rotate four Golkar Golkar cadres ARB ARB prove emotional and authoritarian , far from being the leader of the democratic character , " Zainal said in a press statement received on Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) .

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Earlier, Bakrie decided to rotate the four members of the Golkar Party faction in the House , namely Agus Gumiwang , Poempida Hidayatullah , Nusron Wahid , and Gandung Pardiman . Agus, who had previously been Vice Chairman of Commission I removed and shifted a member of the House of Representatives Commission VIII .

Agus position then replaced Tantowi . In the 2014 presidential election , Golkar support mate Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa .

According to Zainal , Bakrie attitude was very alarming because it will grow the seeds of resentment were prolonged . Bakrie ‘s attitude , he said , similar actions by former Golkar chairman Akbar in 2004 . At that time, Akbar dismissed Idris and his friends as support partner Yudhoyono - Kalla presidential election of 2004.

In fact , at that time , Golkar switched its support of the Wiranto- Salahuddin Wahid, who failed in the first round to the Megawati - Hasyim .

" It is feared that , if pair - Hatta Prabowo who wins , the dismissal will be extended by the ARB that supported Akbar , " Zainal said .

Vice- Chairman of the Advisory Council was also concerned MKGR if Jokowi - winner of the 2014 presidential election becoming JK , JK will win Golkar supporters through an accelerated National Conference , October 2014 .


SBY: The patient, Mr. Suryadharma …

Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali came to the presidential palace in Bogor , West Java , on Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) , at around 11:50 pm , to meet President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono . The arrival of this Suryadharma related cases of alleged corruption in the organization of the Hajj trick .

The plan , the President will decide the fate of Suryadharma in the cabinet . Observation , Suryadharma come alone at around 11:50 pm . Suryadharma greeted the arrival of the President , Vice President Boediono , Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare Agung Laksono , and State Secretary Sudi Silalahi .

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Once inside , the expression Suryadharma looked lethargic . Not many smiles despite diumbarnya reporters camera flashes leads to him . Suryadharma straight to the President and shake hands .

Unusually, the president long enough to grasp the hand aide . SBY also whispered quietly to the minister . ” The patient , Mr. Suryadharma , ” said SBY faint sound of the crowd of reporters .

The President then went on to Suryadharma message . Meanwhile , Suryadharma looks much more silent and bowed his head , with occasional nods over the President ‘s words .

President and Suryadharma conversation lasted about 5 minutes . Furthermore , Suryadharma shook hands with Vice President Boediono . Not only served , embracing tightly Boediono Suryadharma in favor of winning the 2009 Presidential election of SBY . Silalahi Laksono and then take turns shaking hands with Suryadharma .

President will hear an explanation of the determination of a matter Suryadharma suspect in organizing Hajj corruption case . Sudi had stated that the President would most likely dismiss Suryadharma if she does not want to resign .

According to the Corruption Eradication Commission , Suryadharma is suspected of abusing his authority as a minister in the procurement process of lodging the Hajj , the catering , the pilgrimage , and transportation . Suryadharma also been prevented from traveling abroad .

Previously , Suryadharma claimed not to think about retirement . He claimed to still think of the hajj 2014. He felt the Commission was a misunderstanding about the case that trick .


Forced SOE Minister of Industry Can not Use Local Products

Minister of Industry (Industry Minister) MS Hidayat said he could not force the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) to use domestic products for the procurement of goods / services.

Currently, he said, new government agencies are consistently implementing program policies Increased Use of Domestic Products (P3DN).

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"But if SOE does not comply because legally, they are the highest authority that the AGM (Annual General Meeting of Shareholders). Especially if SOE is already open (already listed on a stock exchange)," said Minister of Industry Exhibition Event Production in Indonesia (PPI) in Bandung, Friday (05/23/2014).

SOE is already open, Hidayat said, would follow the policies issued by the AGM. “That which can not be overcome,” he said.

However, if Menperin know SOE is doing an auction, but can not follow specification auction company in the country, he immediately asked for the specifications to be followed by amended bidding domestic companies.

It was never done when PT Pertamina Menperin do ship procurement auctions. “I write to Pertamina because I P3DN National Chairman. I write to and CC it to the President,” said Hidayat.

The minister said that, if the program P3DN want to succeed, then this regulation must be followed by various elements of the government. “If people could only urge us to use domestic products, but the industry must improve its quality,” he said.

The quality improvement should be done because the community as a consumer have the right to select the desired product. Therefore, in addition to domestic products quality is good, the price is also to be competitive. Without these two factors, it is difficult for people to buy domestic products.

The minister said the government has consistently implement policies P3DN program as one of the strategic effort in supporting the sustainability and progress of the domestic industry.

He said he expects the active participation of all ministries / agencies / local authorities / institutions to continue to run P3DN policy in supporting the development of industry and optimize the domestic market.

"Organizing exhibitions domestic products such as this can also be one of the strategic effort to introduce a range of superior products and innovative works of the nation that needs to be developed," said Hidayat.

As is well known, policies P3DN is a national program as a follow-up to Presidential Instruction (Instruction) No. 2/2009 on the Use of Domestic Product in the Procurement of Goods / Services.

Secretary-General (Secretary) Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) Ansari Bukhari said, in the Instruction mandates that ministries / agencies / local authorities / institutions procure goods / services using state budget funds / budget should give priority to domestic products.

"Particularly for products with domestic component level (DCL) has reached at least 25% or 40% excluding the weight of corporate benefits (BMP), with no holding of imported products," he said.


China Bans Windows 8 in the Office of Government

Following the discontinuation of support for Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system , the Chinese government took the decision not to use the OS Windows 8 PCs in the ranks of his administration .

One month after cessation support Windows XP , the Chinese government by newspaper Xinhua reported on Tuesday ( 20/04/2014 ) want to make sure that in the future , the fate of Windows 8 will not be the same as Windows XP .

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Central Government Procurement Center of China issued a statement online that all desktop PCs , laptops , tablet PCs or even purchased by the Chinese government should use the OS other than Windows 8 .

The ban applies only to computers owned by government agencies , does not apply to personal devices .

Microsoft Windows OS itself as a producer said he was surprised at the decision . Microsoft is reportedly in talks with the relevant authorities to ensure that its products conform to the specifications requested by the government .

Currently , most of the PCs used by the Chinese government uses the Windows XP OS , the number reached 70 percent of all existing PC .

Xinhua also reported that the Chinese government is developing its own domestic -made OS based on Linux , for use in computers that state government offices .

However , although government offices could be used as a promotional weapon ‘s operating system in the country , its popularity for general users still rely on market forces .


Malaysia Airlines crew baby’s father There Will Never Know

Maizura diamond Othman , the wife of one of the cabin crew on Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost , gave birth to a baby boy , 73 days after the plane went missing .

Babies were named Muhammad Harzin it , the same as the name of his father , was born in Kuala Lumpur and bring a ray of happiness to his mother who also works as a flight attendant of Malaysia Airlines .

Diamond and then upload it to her little son photo social networking site Facebook . In the photo , Muhammad Harzin baby looks very cute when wrapped in a blanket .

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" Her father wanted to name him Muhammad . Both of us agreed that the name , " said Diamond told The New Straits Times .

Unfortunately , on the sidelines of the birth of the little happiness , sadness enveloped him too . Therefore , little Muhammad certainly will never know his father is missing and presumed dead with 238 other people in the MH370 flight .

Muhammad is the second child and her husband Intan . The first daughter aged four years , Diamond has explained that the plane her father would never come home .

" I must be the bionic woman to face the reality of the moment . Gradually I tell my daughter that her father will not return and Muhammad will be my strength to keep going , " said Diamond .

Daily to the Malaysian Insider , Diamond tells how his daughter , Imam , feeling very lost father.

" He asked me when my father home . Moment he saw his photo on the iPad or my phone , she asked me to call her father , " said Diamond .

" One day , he wakes up in the morning and cry out for his father . Really crushed my heart . Imam lost his father , as did I , " added Diamond .


Rain of Fire Dharma flush Penyemayaman Vesak procession in Mendut

Heavy rains water coloring penyemayaman blessing and procession of the eternal flame at the Buddhist temple complex Mendut , Magelang regency , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) afternoon . This procession is one of a series of warnings to start the feast of Vesak 2558 BE/2014 centered at the Borobudur Temple , Wednesday ( 05/14/2014 ) night .

Acting Chairman Representative Buddhists ( Walubi ) , Arief Harsono explains , as many as 10,000 bottles of water blessings taken by hundreds of monks from the various regions directly from the fountain in Kecamatn Ngadirejo Jumprit Bannerman , Waterford County .

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" While the fire taken from the eternal dharma Mrapen , Grobogan and Purwodadi District on Tuesday morning , " Arief said in his speech .

Water blessing and eternal flame arrived at the court in the District Mendut Mungkid , Magelang regency , at around 16:00 pm . His arrival was greeted by hundreds of Buddhists and monks from various Buddhist sangha Representative of Indonesia ( Walubi ) .

According to Buddhist belief , water is a symbol of peace blessing that is used as a means of rituals for peace of mind . Water is also a source of human life and the universe .

Sedangkah eternal flame is a symbol of strength . The fire then lit by dozens of candles Walubi some management ranks . After that , the monks and Buddhists from the sangha perform various rituals with chanting ( prayer ) .

The rain did not dampen their kekhusukan to undergo any procession that was held in the courtyard of the east side Mendut it . Water blessing and eternal flame was then buried in the Mendut overnight .

" The next day , Wednesday afternoon , thousands of Buddhists from all over Indonesia will mengirab water and abi eternal blessing . They would cover a distance of about 6 kilometers through the region began Mendut Pawon to zone 1 Borobudur temple , " explained Ariel .

The peak of Vesak at the Borobudur Temple will be closed with the release of a thousand lanterns on Thursday ( 04/15/2014 ) morning .


Different Attitudes to Elder Golkar, Ade Komarudin be tried SOKSI

Founding organizations of the Golkar Party, Indonesian Independent Workers Central Organization (SOKSI), split view related candidacy Aburizal “Ical” Bakrie as candidate will be filed Golkar. SOKSI founder who is also the founder of Golkar, Suhardiman, ask Ical withdraw from candidacy for president. However, the different attitudes shown Chairman Ade SOKSI appendices. He asserted, Ical will not retreat.

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Chairman of the National Board Suriansyah SOKSI Teuku said, SOKSI will hold internal meetings related attitudes Ade.

"If there is different from the founders, that we will close the internal meetings later. From the beginning, founder Ical SOKSI states may not be president. Typically, Mr. Suhardiman precise predictions," said Justin, at the residence Suhardiman, Jakarta, Friday (2/5 / 2014).

According to Justin, SOKSI decision making in contrast to other organizations in the Golkar Party. Because SOKSI still have elder figure, namely Suhardiman. Therefore, the opinion will be very influential Suhardiman.

"Opinions founder is heard, be different if there was no founder. Differences with MKGR and Kosgoro, there are special SOKSI founder," Teuku said.

Earlier, Chairman of the requested appendices Soksi Ade Golkar cadres to consistently execute the mandate of the party to support the alias Ical Bakrie as presidential candidate. Consistency of support indicated it should remain until there is a change that is taken through an internal mechanism.

"For us, consistency in politics is an important part that must be maintained by no one. We organize should be based on a joint decision," Ade said in a press conference on Friday afternoon.

As one of the founding organizations of Golkar, said Ade, SOKSI remained consistently supports Ical as a presidential candidate. These measures refer to the results of the National Leadership Meeting SOKSI in the last three years that remain berkeputusan supports Ical as Golkar presidential candidate.

Ade attitude is different from the statements expressed by the founder SOKSI, Suhardiman. Suhardiman criticized Ical nomination for president. He asked that Ical not dreamed of becoming president.


Komnas PA: Police A Criminal Violations Related Vision JIS

Chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) Arist Merdeka Sirait revealed, a report on civil and criminal actions committed Jakarta International School (JIS) positively welcomed the Jakarta Police. The police claims to have the same view of the case.

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"It was nice and the appreciation of the police. Tertanyata one view and one vision. I explained in accordance Article 54 of the Child Protection Act No. 23 of 2002, schools are required to be environmentally safe zone of the teachers and all school employees, but it is not. And constitute a criminal offense, Article 54 breached and removed, "he said in front of the center of an integrated police service (IFMS), Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Friday (02/05/2014).

He continued, sexual harassment that has been done since February until March and accused have repeatedly and in groups. “That right there is no school supervision. Janitor was part of the school and let the crime. This includes omission and negligence.’s Criminal acts,” said Arist.

Arist explained, according to a statement the Director General Kemendikbud early childhood, kindergarten JIS no permission for this. So based on Article 71 of the National Education System Law every school that does not have planning permission will be subject to Articles 62 to 10 years in prison and a fine of Rp 1 billion.

Then for a civil infringement suit made JIS, it has set up a proof of family 200 kindergarten students who can not continue their learning. “Civil, of course is the recovery. A. Not only the victims but the 200 pupils. Sustainability education because JIS operating license withdrawn Kemendikbud,” beber Arist.

Until now, the police assign six suspects in the sexual harassment case. They are outsourcing janitor at the school.

They are Virgiawan (20 years), Agun (25), Afrisca (24), Zaenal (28), Syahrial (20), and Anwar. However, Anwar was found dead in the toilet Jakarta Police on Saturday at 11:00 pm in a state of supine with drug floor cleaner.


Last tribute to Idris Sardi Fadli Zon

Has a very close relationship with the late Idris Sardi , making Fadli Zon , politician and humanist , would like to provide sweet memories at the end of life of the deceased . Fadli Zon was paying homage to provide a creative home Fadli Zon as the last funeral of the deceased before burial .

" For me , he was a prominent Indonesian music that I guess until now no instead. Since 1953 , at age 15 , he even held a concert and became the youngest concert master in Indonesia even in the world , " said Fadli Zon , when found at the funeral home , Monday, April 28, 2014 .

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For Fadli , Idris Sardi works very influential in the history of Indonesia. ” Mas Idris ever get the assignment of Bung Karno when Operation TRIKORA 1962. In the 70 ‘s and 80’s also had a lot to get cup image , FFI trophy for his musical works ( Read : Addie MS Consider Idris Sardi Great Master ) . “

Idris Sardi also said to have the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the army as the music continued to develop the Indonesian Army . ” He is a national asset . National treassure . ‘s Hard to find a replacement . A bore is a perfectionist and works with all bati , full flavor to the nation and the state . “

Previously , Fadli Zon has also authored book ” Idris Sardi , Indonesia Travel Violin Maestro ” , which was written by Fadli Zon . This book is the result of interviews with Idris Sardi and research on a number of paper documents and photos. The book tells the journey of a violin maestro , composer , and illustrator of outstanding Indonesian music . Books include a music CD Idris Sardi trip that is a little snippet works .